Made for the 2016 LowRezJam



Arrow keys for movement.

Z- Select button / Shoot Mode

X- Cancel button / Menu

HP and AP

The player uses AP for every in game action. (Movement, Melee attacks, Shooting) When out of AP, you won't be able to move at full speed, or attack with most weapons. There are plenty of AP potions, so don't horde them!

Combat System

Melee attack by hitting the arrow key towards an adjacent enemy. Shoot by pressing 'Z' to activate the target menu. While in the target menu, press up and down to cycle through nearby enemies in range of the gun you have equipped. Press 'Z' again with your target enemy selected to shoot. Bullets can be intercepted by intervening enemies or obstacles.

Find random items throughout the world in the form of little pouches. Each pouch has a random chance of being ammo for any gun, or potions.

Programming, Design, and some miscellaneous sound effects and sprites by Garrett Colas. @garrettcolas

Art by CobraLad

Music Made by Aran Koning - AllergicRacoon

Music also made by Jason Dagenet

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